Restorative Justice Essentials

Restorative Conversations

Use restorative questions, communication skills and mediation technique to create dialogue around difficult topics, diffuse tense situations and resolve misunderstandings.

Instead of approaching conflicts by asking: “Who broke the rule?”, “What rule was broken?” and “What is the appropriate punishment for breaking this rule?”, restorative conversations use restorative questions based on the 3 Be’s that ask:

  • “What harm has been caused?” or “What happened?”
  • “How does this harm impact relationships with one another?”
  • “Who among the people involved can help repair the harm?”
  • What are the needs and obligations that have arisen from the harm?”

Community Building Circles

An effective tool in restorative justice practices is community building circles. Circles are meetings or gatherings that are held sitting or standing in a circle. Procedures are put into place and collectively agreed upon that have the purpose of creating an inclusive space where all participants can share stories, experiences, feelings and expressions about various topics that impact themselves and their community.

-SEEDS Community Resolutions Center