What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a set of principles used to repair harm that results from misbehavior.  For example, a misbehaving student might subsequently be asked to write an apology letter to take responsibility for the rule and trust violated by his/her actions, poor choices made and alternatives, to repair previous actions.  Restorative justice fits nicely into the universal tier of the Pittsburg Behavior Support Model by adding empathy-based, relationship repairing interventions to the teacher’s and administrators’ toolbox rather than relying on referral and suspension for disruption and defiance.  Restorative practices would not replace referral and suspension, but instead build staff capacity.  While the universal approach to school-wide behavior support involves teaching staff and students to restore through healing words and actions, be attending to the effect misbehavior has on relationships and acknowledge responsibility for poor choices. 

–Dr. Catalde and Dr. Frazier-Myers