Summer Math institute Introduction

Posted by Jason Pisano on 6/8/2020

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night.  My name is Jason Pisano, Mr. Pi, and I will be teaching a 6th grade class for the Summer Math Institute which begins on Monday, June 15th and Friday, July 17th. 
For access to the classroom, scholars will login at using their PUSD logins. Once inside they will want to find my classroom, with class code:  kvkhk7i.
I hope as you read this that you and your family are well. We intend that you and yours will learn and succeed through solid online programs. The easiest way to reach me would be to text or call me at:  925-526-0122.
To reach me most quickly it is helpful that you use to send me chat messages and get immediate feedback. For my classes, text to  81010  with the code: 
kvkhk7i. There is a remind app for both android and iphones, which you can download for free.  In addition to communicating with me using a chat message through, you can email me at  when immediate response is less critical.
When I first went to college in NY, I thought I was going to be a lawyer. Accumulating degrees in Creative Writing, Philosophy, Political Science, and History, I quickly discovered a problem, I did not actually want to become a lawyer. After several years of soul searching and an assortment of jobs, I reassessed my goals. Over those years I kept encountering people who said that they hated or could not do math. After many years i decided it was time to try to do something about that. i went back to school to get my Master's in Math Education from Indiana University I have now been teaching for nearly 8 years in a wide variety of schools. After relocating across the country I found myself here at Hillview Jr. high and now the the Summer Math institute.  This is my third year at PUSD and my goals for the year are to do my best to ensure that my students do not grow up with a fear of math.
At SMI, everything we are doing is to help scholars learn and accelerate their understanding in mathematics. I look forward to being of help to you. Take care!
Jason "Mr. Pi" Pisano


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