How can educators implement the CCSS without CCSS-aligned instructional materials?

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It will take a number of years to develop new curriculum frameworks and instructional materials aligned to the CCSS. In the interim, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI) has invited publishers of instructional materials to submit supplemental instructional materials that bridge the gap between programs currently being used by local educational agencies and the CCSS. In 2012, teachers and content experts recruited by the SSPI and the SBE reviewed the materials for alignment to the CCSS, and the CDE has posted on its Web site a list of supplemental instructional materials designed to bridge the gap between existing programs and the CCSS. You may download the Final Report on the 2012 Supplemental Instructional Materials Review document on the CDE CCSS Supplemental Instructional Materials Review Web page.

Educators may also use the supplemental instructional materials review evaluation criteria for grades K–8 to identify the CCSS that current materials do not support and use resources from the library, internet, and primary source documents to develop lessons that address them.

The “Suggestions and Opportunities for LEAs” pages and Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards Systems Implementation Plan for California offer numerous suggestions regarding local standards implementation. In addition, links to many free resources to support local implementation efforts are available on the CDE CCSS Web page.