Will the CDE provide professional learning modules to support the transition to the CCSS?

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The Curriculum Support and Reform Act of 2011 (AB 250) requires the CDE to oversee the development of professional learning modules (PLMs) designed to support educators in delivering curriculum aligned to CCSS to all pupils. These modules are available online at no cost. Modules are designed for both individual study and group activity, web-based and school-based delivery. Each PLM includes instructional strategies to support all learners including English learners, pupils with disabilities, and underperforming students; as well as instructional strategies that promote creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills; the integration of subject area content knowledge; and instructional leadership and coaching. A number of PLMs are currently available and more are in development. More information and links to available modules may be accessed on the CDE Professional Learning Modules for Educators Web page.

In addition, the CDE CCSS Web page has links to numerous resources to support professional development and is updated as new resources become available. Educators may also use the searchable database available on the CDE Professional Development Opportunities Web page to locate additional CCSS-related learning opportunities.