New Quarter new Oportujnities

Posted by Coach Mincey on 10/22/2020

ood Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are now into week three of the second quarter and it is a perfect opportunity for many of us to start a new and get a fresh start on earning credits for this quarter. Please make sure that you go visit our google classroom for all materials that you may have missed it.

Also please remember that for my classes in order to recieve points for participation and attendance every day you must sho up to our google class meeting. if not you can check in later in the afternoon during my office hours 1:08 pm- 1:40 pm. the links for those meetings can be found under the class resources section of our google classroom.

I hope that we all take this quarter seriously and move towards our goal of graduation!!!


Lets Go People!!! I Believe In YOU!!!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease (Drain it though!)

Coach Mincey