For Reals People???

Posted by Coach Mincey on 9/15/2020


This quarter is going great for those of you who have been showing up to school consistantly. if you have not been showing up to my class, despite of classwork completion, YOU ARE CURRENTLY NOT PASSING MY CLASS AND IT BECOMES MORE DIFFICULT EACH DAY TO PASS IT THAT YOU MISS> SOON IF YOU DONT SHOW U YOU WILL END UP WITH A FAILING GRADE FOR THE QUARTER!!!

I understand that different teachers you have may have different standards, but please understand (if you have not had me as an instructor before) and remember (if you have had me as an instructor before) the only person who can tell you how to pass my class is me. your other teachers personal classroom policies are there own and dont neccessarily allign with mine. So if fo sor reason you are being told by anyone that you do not need to show up for classes, please realise whomever that person may be, does not care about your education, if they did they would ensure that you know you need to be in classes in order to earn credits, and they themselves would be meeting with you when they are supposed to on a daily basis.

your grade is your own, however this is my final desperate plea to help you all succeed. IF YOU DO NOT START ATTENDING CLASSES THIS WEEK, IT WIL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS MY CLASS!!!


Still love you all, Still holding you all to the highest of standards, hope you all hop on board the train, especially those who have yet to do so. . .


Love, Peace, & Chicken Grease!(Drain it though!)

Coach Mincey