Posted by Coach Mincey on 9/3/2020

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Progress reports are due by the end of next week!!! please make sure that if you have nt been attending class, you still get your assignments in at the very least so you have an opportunity to be passing. As a reminder, attendance is taken every morning in the 15 minutes of class. I give you a five minute grace period at the beginning of the period. so as long as in the class session by five minutes after the "bell time" you will be fine!

I have been quite lenient and flexible with arriving to class however at this point we have been back in school for almost a month ynd you should have your act together!  

With that being said, starting on Monday I will be enforcing ny attendance policy much more stearnly. If you come to class later than the five minute grace period on your off day you will not be allowed in and will have to check in with me in my afternoon office check in session. coming to our class late, disrupts the flow of the learning environment,and I do not plan on wasting any more class time going back and forth with attendance and other issues because you were unable to meet the requirement. It is not fair to your fellow classmates. if there is a issue and you cannot make it to class remember to communicate that as early as possible!


Love, Peace, & Chicken Grease (Drain it though!)

Coach Mincey