For the Week of June 1-5, 2020

Posted by Kelli Coffman on 6/1/2020

MVE First Grade Remote Learning Plans

Week of  June 1-5, 2020

Hi Room 4 Families-

Our Summer Break has finally arrived!  We will Zoom Monday June, 1st and Tuesday June 2nd.  Tuesday June 2nd will be our last Zoom day/school day. On Wednesday June 3rd, Summer Break will begin.  

Currently, we do not have any information as to “how” school will look upon our return on Wednesday August 12, 2020.  It is my understanding that you will have access to Clever until July 31st.  Please use this resource as much as possible between now and then.  I will keep our 2019/2020 ClassDojo up through the start of school so as I get updates I can continue to send those to you.  This seems to be a good way to keep in touch.  I am also happy and available should you wish to reach out over Summer Break, even Zooming every now and then.

Report Cards will be emailed to you.  Please be sure that I have a correct email for you to ensure that you get one.  On the report card, it is the Comment Section that is most important.  Please read and reach out if you have any questions or need clarification.  Please do work with your child over the summer months.  Finish up those workbooks, read, talk math, cook and read recipes, get outside and enjoy the weather.  Have your child record feelings in their writing journals.  Write fun, silly stories together, act them out -enjoy this time together as much as possible.  If you need anything, do let me know.

I did a full week of lesson plans for you.  We ended Wonders perfectly- Unit 6, Week 5.  Math we were close to ending as well.  Your child can go back and do any of the Science that was missed, along with any missing pages in their workbooks:  Red Practice Workbook, Interactive Science book and Go Math.  Our final 2  Zoom meetings will be devoted to playing our Countdown to Summer Break game and the reading of Flat Stanley stories.  This is the link to see what we will be working on…

Word Study & Reading:  Wonders: How can we work together?  Theme- Celebrating Holidays

Math:  Go Math:  Chapter 12- Two Dimensional Geometry

Daily Math Talks: Each day choose an activity from and do it with your child. There are multiple activities. Look for the K-2 heading...  ​

Science:  Science Interactive Text (pandas on the cover), Chapter 6

Interactive Science Book: Chapter 6 -Solids, Liquids and Gases, page 77

Optional Learning Packet:


Please be sure to check in with me occasionally over Summer Break, either by email, or via ClassDojo.

Have a fun, wonderful, and well deserved Summer!

Let’s stay in touch!  Please reach out if you need my help.  We are in this together!  Stay Safe & Well!

:) Mrs. Coffman