Weekly Viking Workout

Posted by Vicki Ryan on 5/11/2020

This week the weather is suppose to be unpredictable so we will be exercising inside and outside.  Let's focuse on stretching, strengthing, and balance.

Stretching  Start with the neck slow easy stretchs rolling side to side and hands on back of the head. * Always remember to breath when stretching.  Stretch the shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, ankles, and end with the feet.  *Hang over from the waist, relax your body forward with your weight on your heels and slowly roll up one vertebre at a time. 

Sit Ups Challange yourself to do at least 1 more then last time.

Push Ups Bent knee or straight leg push ups as many as you can.

*Breath through the exercises, this will help you keep moving longer.

Balance is very important.  Without good balance you can fall easier and get injured.  Practice will help with your balance. Try these exercises to help with balance.  Remember, practice will also help.

Stand on one leg, then the other

Stand on one leg and lean forward with you opposite leg extended behind you.  Change legs.

Stand on one leg and lean backward with your opposite leg extended behind you.  Change legs.

See if you can hop on one leg without falling down.  Repeat on the opposite leg.

Ideas for practicing your balance. If you have a pogo stick at home, this is wonderful for practicing balance.  Jumping rope using one leg and the other.  Walking on stilts. Walking on a line.  Have Fun!  Happy Balancing.