Keep Moving

Posted by Vicki Ryan on 5/4/2020

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope everyone is feeling well and happy.  I was so excited to see everyone at the car parade last Friday.   I was the one playing the music and dancing!  This weeks lesson is about movement and dancing.  

Equipment needed:  Music

All of my classes have participated in dance aerobics during our workout class on rainy days.  Remember we talked about getting our heart rates up by moving briskly around using our arms and legs. 

1.  Check out the workout videos that I posted on my Announcements. This was a site shared by the American Heart Association.  Pick one and try it by yourself or with your family.

2. Monday - Thursday of this week, try a different exercise video every day.  Think about which videos you like better, and why do you like certain routines.  Which videos got your heart rate beating faster?

 *Remember, getting your heart pumping is making it stronger.

3.  Friday - Make up your own workout routine to a song. Be creative and have fun.  Teach your family your workout dance/routine.

4.  Stretch your body from head to toes, and then lay down and relax for a few minutes.  Remember, if you add music to the stretch/relaxation, choose something slow and soothing to get the most benifits.

Miss all of you and if you need anything just let me know.

Mrs. Ryan

Physical Education