Posted by Vicki Ryan on 4/20/2020


This weeks workout is focused on cardio exercise.  Cardio exercise is good for stregthening your heart.  It can also helpnreleive stress and make you feel better.

1.  Warm-up with some stretching and slow movement

2.  If you can, put on some music with a good beat for jumping.  If you don't have music, make your own beat.

3.  You do not need a jump rope for this lesson.  Just pretend you have a jump rope and perform thes skills.  

1.Basic Jump Single Bounce

2.Basic Jump Double Bounce

3.Skier (feet together and jump side to side)

4.Straddle Jump (feet go out together like a jumping jack) 

5.Sissors (feet go forward and back), 

6.Jogger (try to go as fast as you can)

7.How Low Can You Go!  (jump low to the ground)

8.Can Can (Lift your leg and kick, repeat on the other side)

9.Make up a routine using some or all of the moves you just practiced.

10.Teach someone your routine.

Remember to have fun and keep exercising.  It will help you feel better.

Mrs. Ryan


Firecracker jump rope routine