Spring Recess-April 10, 2020-April 17, 2020 (No School)

 Spring Recess-April 10, 2020- April 17, 2020 (No School)  

Now that Spring Recess has come and gone, let's not forget we are in this shelter-in-place together.  Being mindful of others shows the greatest strength and courage we can have at this time and the hope we will get through this together.  I encourage you and your family to attend this free mindfulness virtual session online brought to you by John Muir Health.  Stay well my Pittsburg community!  

 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdekcnNkjf6KfNqRxpD7leh8-WXTxxQ0pMjGkLHeC-ByyrEfA/viewformSpring Recess