How to Get and Do Assignments



  1. As of March 20, there are no more Do-Nows. 
  2. Below is a video that describes and shows in detail how the assignments for this class should be done. 
  3. To Submit this assignment:  Send a picture of each page that you have completed to:


Location of Assignments


  1. All assignments are listed on my Hillview Webpage under the heading "Assignments". 
  2. If you're having trouble with the link for the Assignments page, type in your address bar and press enter.


How to Do the Assignments


  1. Go to "Assignments". (
  2. The assignments are listed under the heading "Current Assignments".
  3. The assignment named Week 1 covers March 16-20.
  4. The assignment named Week 2 covers March 23-27. I will continue this pattern unless I have to change it.  If I do,I will let you know.
  5. Click on "Week 2" (under the heading "Current Assignments") to see the instructions for the Week 2 assignment.
  6. The process is different than what we normally use in the classroom, so you must read the instructions
  7. Please go to the instructions and use them to do the assignment each week.
  8. If you get what you need to do, then go for it, if not, read the section below entitled "Let's Walk Through the Instructions".



Let's Walk Through the Instructions


There are 2 things to do, your blue Textbook (1) and the online Interactive Textbook (2):

  1. The blue textbook that you have at home

    1. Read the assigned chapter.
    2. As you read, take notes in your Notebook
      1. Make one jot dot per blue heading and one per red heading that you see in the textbook as you read it
      2. For Example: Go to pg. 338. The first red heading you see is "Motion". Read the "Motion" paragraph and write a jot dot (take a note note on it in your Notebook).
      3. The first blue heading you see is "Reference Points". Read the "Reference Points" paragraph and write a note on it in your Notebook, put a dot before it (a jot dot)
      4. When you get to a vocabulary word, (they're in bold/highlighted).  Write the word and its definition in your Notebook.
      5. Continue this process until the end of the Section.  Section 1 ends on pg. 341.
    3. Next, "Answer the questions at the end of each section".
      1. There are questions at the end of each Section in the textbook, for Chapter 9 they are on pages 341, 347, 355, and 363.
      2. Answer the questions at the end of each Section in your Notebook.
    4. Do the entire Section Assessment at the end of each section in the chapter.
      1. You must do the entire Section Assessment except for labs. If you do the lab, take pics to document your work and you will receive extra credit for that.
  2. The Interactive Textbook which is only found online

    1. Only do the assigned pages.
      1. Read all parts of the Interactive Textbook.
      2. Do each instruction that you see on each page that is assigned.  This includes making notecards, writing your thoughts, etc.
      3. Write all of your responses in your Notebook.
      4. You may printout the Interactive Textbook, but it's over 150 pages and I don't recommend doing that unless you have a particular reason
      5. Use your Notebook or a separate sheet to do each instruction.  If the instructions say to underline a certain thing, write whatever you would have underlined in your Notebook.
      6. You can decide if a separate sheet of paper or your Notebook is the best place for you to do each of the prompts.

Please aske me a question on Remind if you're  not sure about any of these instructions.