Class Dojo Updates

Good morning,

Two new Newsela artciles up. I just read them both and they are both super relevant to our current situation. I edited the writing prompt for both questions. One is a R.A.C.E. prompt. If you need a refresher, you may find the link below useful.

I'm currenty working on my webpage. It is being updated as we speak.

I have gotten positive feedback about holding a Zoom meeting, so we will do that soon. Date and time to be determined.

The first meeting will probably focus on navigating the teacher wedpage on the district website. Then, we will review the end of the year project instructions and I can answer any questions. I am going to post the project this afternoon under the Assignments tab. If you are eager to get started, feel free. We discussed it in class briefly before our abrupt change.

I have also received some questions about math on Khan Academy. So, in a second Zoom meeting, we will talk about concerns with math, areas to focus on, and a format/time frame for our instruction meetings.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

Mr. P