April 27- May 1

Posted by Joanne Jimenez on 4/26/2020

April 27-May1 Pgs: 246-252, Long Vowel A is the focus


If you have made flash cards for the alphabet at home, it would be helpful to make the vowels a different color. All the vowels (Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu). So when reviewing from now on the kids will know that the vowel has two sounds. 


Please have them use their blue writing journal 1-2 days this week. They can do Long Vowel Aa for 1 day, and they can do short vowel Aa for another day. For example when their doing Long Aa, have them open to a clean page in their journal. Have them write Long Aa at the top of the page and underline it. (You can look at previous pages for examples). Then have them generate a list of words that have Long Aa in them. For vowels, especially the long vowels most of the time you will make a list with the vowel sound in the middle.  Depending on the word, they will most likely need your help to spell the words. After about 5-6 words, then have them make and write a sentence using some of the words from the word list they created.


Before they write the sentence please review the following:

1. Sentences start with a capital letter.

2. Use finger space in between each word to show one word is ending, and the next word is beginning.

3. Punctuation at the end of the sentence.


Examples of Long Vowel Aa words with the sound in the middle:

grape, cape, tape, make. 

Examples of words that begin with Long Vowel Aa:

ape, apron, angel



April 27-May1 Chapter 10 Identify and describe three dimensional shapes

This chapter will focus on Sphere, Cube, Cone, and Cylinder. 

Since we are limited to our outdoor exposure at this time, it would be helpful to look online for pictures of real life items that in those shapes. For example a can of soup is a cylinder. The dice to a game are cubes. A constriction cone or ice cream cone is a cone shape. And a basketball or any type of ball can be a sphere.






Daily 1. Go through the alphabet, and review letter names and sounds.

2. Practice reading all the kindergarten sight words, either through the slide show I provided, or your own flash cards.

(If your child can confidently read all the sight words, they can practice writing them.)

3. Practice writing numbers to 20, and recognizing to 20.

(If your child has mastered 0-20, you can move on to 0-50)

4. Practice writing first and last name.

5. Read for 20 minutes each day.

6. Have them draw a picture and write a simple sentence.