General outline for remainder of year

Posted by Joanne Jimenez on 4/18/2020

Wonders Pages by Week


April 6-10 Pgs: 224-232, focus on letters Yy, Zz


April 13-17 Spring break


April 20-24 Pgs: 234-244, review Uu, Gg, Ww


April 27-May 1 Pgs: 246-252, focus long vowel Aa (a says it’s name, as in game)



May 4-8 Pgs: 254-260, focus on long vowel Ii (i says it’s name, as in five)


May 11-15 Pgs: 261-268, focus on long vowel Oo (o says it’s name, as in pole)


May 18-22 Pgs: 270-276, focus on long vowel Uu (u says it’s name, as in cube)


May 25-29 Pgs: 277-284, focus on long vowel Ee (e says it’s name, as in feed)


June 1-5 Pgs: 286-295, review all the long vowels


Pages: 297-332 are great resources! You can cut out the flash cards of the High Frequency Words A.K.A Sight words to practice them daily with your child. 




April 6-17th Finish chapter 8 Understanding numbers to 11


April 20-24 Chapter 9 Identify and describe two dimensional shapes


April 27- May 8 Chapter 10 Identify and describe three dimensional shapes


May 11- 22 Chapter 11 Measurement


May 25-June 5 Chapter 12 Classify and sort data