Common Lit Assignment Due 5/1

Posted by Julie Blackburn on 4/27/2020 5:00:00 AM

Below is the link to this week's Common Lit assignment.  Remember to log in to and enter in your user name and password (your lunch id number)

Your work last week has really grown!  Keep working hard and really thinking about the text assigned to you.

This weeks assignmnet is another Fiction Story.  When answering the assessment  and the discussion question, use evidence from the text using the RACE method (see video).  

To help with your summary, always remember the main idea and supporting details. (see video). I also like to think of:

  • Somebody
  • Wanted
  • But
  • So   

This will also help with writing a clear paragraph.

Finally, one of your questions asks about Theme.  Watch the video attached all the way through before answering this question.


Common Lit Assignment Due 5/1/2020