A few reminders...

Posted by Andrea Riley-Sorem on 3/23/2020 11:15:00 AM

Hello all! A few things that I forgot to mention while setting up the weekly assignments...

1. All online activities, Freckle & Typing Club, I am able to monitor online. I can see results as well as what has been completed.

2. For the activities that are not a part of an online program, word work and writing tasks, there are a few ways students can show their work to me:

  • Take a picture of their handwritten work and send it to me via email or ClassDojo messages.
  • Type up their work on a device and send me a copy of it via email.

If those ideas don't work for you and your student, you can keep their work in a folder or notebook to give to me at a later date.

3. I did put deadlines on the activities, but I can always reassign them to your student if they need more time. Also note that I forgot to put a real due date on the writing tasks so know that they have through Friday to work on it. No worries!

Please take care, keep taking advantage of learning opportunities that pop up (life skills...), and you'll hear from me again soon! :)