Tuesday 6/2/2020 *

Posted by Elizabeth Macias on 6/2/2020 8:00:00 AM

Word Work (20 minutes)

Review  air words for Little Learners by clicking the link below

        air Words/Phase 3 Phonics


Paper and Pencil:  Wonders Practice pages

Vocabulary: nation and unite  p. 321

Comprehension Skills: Author's Purpose p.322 use Share the Harvest and Give Thanks story  from yesterday

Computer Learning: Complete the assignments by logging into Imagine Learning by clicking the link below.

         Imagine Learning


Reading (30 minutes)

Essential Question: Why do we celebrate holidays?

Watch Happy Birthday, U.S.A! in our Wonders Book by clicking below


             Happy Birthday, U.S.A!


Comprehension Strategy - Reread

Comprehension Skill: Authur's Purpose

Computer Learning: Raz-Kids

My Assignments: For each book, listen, read and answer questions. After assignment is complete, go to Level Up and continue reading for fluency.




Writing (30 minutes)

Writing: Informative 

Think about the story Happy Birthday, U.S.A! Write 3-4 facts that you learned about the story. Reread and fix it! Remember to use the 5 things good writing should have... Look for those capitals, spacing,words written correctly, punctuation and make sure your sentences make sense!


Story Time:

      Happy Birthday America


Tall Tale/Folktale A made up story with characters and events so exaggerated they could not have happened. Usually a story that is told over and over.

Fantasy: Try to tell a made up story to your family. Remember the characters may talk, or be magical and that could not happen in real life.

Realistic Fiction: Try to retell the story story to a family member. Don't forget to tell the beginning, middle and end using transition words like first, next, then, and finally.

Nonfiction: Try to restate the main idea and 3-4 details of the story.


Brain Break (10-15 minutes)

       Direct Link to gonoodle   


Math (60 minutes)

Paper and Pencil Lesson: Go Math Combine 2 Two-Dimensional Shapes

Essential Question: How can you put twp-dimensional shapes together to make new 2-dimensional shapes?

Chapter 12 Lesson 3  pgs. 497-500B 

        Go Math Chapter 12 Lesson 3


Computer Learning:

Complete the assignments below by logging into Clever by clicking the link below.


    Click here to log in to Clever


i-Ready (20 minutes)

SplashLearn or Happy Numbers (20 minutes)

 Xtra Math Fluency (10 minutes)  


Science/Social Studies (20-30 minutes)

Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Green Interactive Science Book) 

Essential Question: What is our world made of?

Paper and Pencil:What is a Liquid?

Lesson 3 pgs. 86-89

Watch "Volume and Capacity"- TurtleDiary  by clicking the link below

        Volume and Capacity Introduction


P.E. (20-30 minutes)

Movement - Count to 100 with Jack Hartman by clicking link below.

        Let's Get Fit: Count to 100

Mr. Jackman's Recommended PE Activities via Class Dojo or 

        Bitesize Cardio with Mr. Jackman

Mr. Jackman's Plank and Yoga Challenge

        Plank and Yoga Challenge


Music (20-30 minutes)

 Ms. Salvador's Recommended Music Activities

        Music with Ms. Salvador


What I Am Song 

         What I Am Song

Count on Me

         Count on Me