Friday 5/22/2020

Posted by Elizabeth Macias on 5/22/2020 8:00:00 AM

Word Work (20 minutes)

Phonics: Meet the Phonics Digraph kn- by clicking video below

      Meet the Phonics Digraphs - kn

Paper and Pencil Wonders

Text Features: Headings p. 305

Writing Traits: Ideas p. 306

 Computer Learning

Log into Imagine Learning by clicking the link below and complete the assignments.

       Imagine Learning


Reading (30 minutes)

Essential Question: Who can weather affect us?

Reread on of the stories from this week or a favorite book.

Reading Strategies -Reread

Fiction: Try to retell the story story to a family member. Don't forget to tell the beginning, middle and end using transition words like first, next, then, and finally.

Nonfiction: Try to restate the main idea and 3-4 details of the story.

Computer Learning:

Comprehension Using Raz-Kids, look for your assigments and complete the story and quiz by clicking on the link below.



Brain Break (10-15 minutes)

       Direct Link to gonoodle 


Math (60 minutes)

Paper and Pencil Lesson: Go Math

Make New 3-Dimensional Shapes

Chapter 11 Lesson 3

      Go Math Chapter 11 Lesson 3

Computer Learning:

Complete the assignments below by logging into Clever by clicking the link below.

    Click here to log in to Clever

i-Ready (20 minutes)

SplashLearn or Happy Numbers (20 minutes)

XtraMath Fluency (10 minutes)  

12's minus facts

Example: 12-0=12, 12-1=11, 12-2= 10, etc.


Science/Social Studies (20-30 minutes)

Paper and Pencil 

Read and complete Scholastic News:

Palm Trees in the Wind


Writing (30 minutes)

Writing: Rewrite you Personal Narrative about What I Hope to do This Summer in your best penmanship from yesterday. Make sure all sentences start with a capital letter, have punctuation, and make sense. Remember to use your pre-write from yesterday to help with your opinion final copy (publish)


Draw a picture to go with your "What I Hope to do This Summer" final copy.


 P.E. (20-30 minutes)

Movement - Count to 100 with Jack Hartman by clicking link below.

        Let's Get Fit: Count to 100

Mr. Jackman's Plank and Yoga Challenge

        Plank and Yoga Challenge


Music (20-30 minutes)

 Ms. Salvador's Recommended Music Activities

        Music Activities