Wednesday 5/20/2020

Posted by Elizabeth Macias on 5/20/2020 8:00:00 AM

Word Work (20 minutes)

Practice phonics with silent letters  by clicking below

   Meet The Phonics Digraph- wr

Paper and Pencil Wonders

Decodable: Storm Watch  pgs.299-300

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect   p. 301

 Vocabulary Strategies: Similes p. 302

Computer Learning

Log into Imagine Learning or i-Ready on the Clever site clicking the link below.

Complete the assignments.

       Imagine Learning


Reading (30 minutes)

Essential Question: How can weather affect us ?

Watch "Rain School" from our Wonders Book by clicking below


        Rain School - a book read by a dad


Comprehension Strategies - Visualize

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect


Writing: (30 minutes)

Respond to Text:  What do the children in Rain School learn from their first lesson? Use these sentence starters

Everyone worked...

The children learned...

(Realistic)Fiction: Try to retell the story story to a family member. Don't forget to tell the beginning, middle and end using transition words like first, next, then, and finally.

Nonfiction: Try to restate the main idea and 3-4 details of the story.

Computer Learning:

Comprehension Using Raz-Kids, look for your assigments and complete the story and quiz by clicking on the link below.

For each book, listen, read and answer questions. After assignment is complete, go to Level Up and continue reading for fluency.


Brain Break (10-15 minutes)

    Direct Link to gonoodle 


Math (60 minutes)

Paper and Pencil Lesson: Go Math

Chapter 11 3-Dimensial Geometry 

Essential Question: How can you identify and describe three-dimensional shapes?

Chapter 11 Lesson 1 pgs. 461-464B

      Go Math Chapter 11 Lesson 1

Computer Learning

Complete the assignments below by logging into Clever by clicking the link below.


    Click here to log in to Clever

 i-Ready (20 minutes)

SplashLearn or Happy Numbers (20 minutes)

XtraMath Fluency (10 minutes)  

12's minus facts

Example:  12-0=12, 12-1=11, 12-2= 10, etc.

Make your own flashcards using paper or index cards or log onto XtraMath using link below.


Science/Social Studies (30 minutes)

Watch the video about predicting the weather by clicking the link below


    How do you know When It Will Rain?


P.E. (20-30 minutes)

Movement - Count to 100 with Jack Hartman by clicking link below.

        Let's Get Fit: Count to 100

Mr. Jackman's Plank and Yoga Challenge

        Plank and Yoga Challenge


Music (20-30 minutes)

 Ms. Salvador's Recommended Music Activities

        Music Activities