Assignments fpr Week ending 4/24

Thank you all for your patience, I hope everyone is doing well.  Below is a very short description of the worked assigned for this week.

All assignments are found on the McGraw-Hill app, which is reached through CLEVER.  Please email me if students are unable to "submit work completed", in other words if they are unable to take a picture and upload the assignment by the due date... an email must be sent by the student and/or parent before 8pm Sunday night.


6th Grade (5th Period)

Ch. 8-5

Ch. 8-6 

Ch. 8-7


7th Grade (1,3,4 & 6 Period)

Ch. 9-1

Ch. 9-2

Ch. 9-3


7th Grade Advanced (2nd Period)

Ch. 11-2

Ch. 11-3

Ch. 11-4


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