Quarter 1

Posted by Elizabeth Traub on 10/14/2019

This year was a bumpy start:  Due to class size balancing, lots of classes got a bit disrupted at the beginning few weeks and we had kids moving into and out of classes until early september.  But we are now in full swing!


There are 2 IED teachers this year:

One is also the APCSA teacher and does a Computer Science Discoveries class as well.  The other teaches only IED.  This is big, guys!  This is a great sign for the program!

We are not running CIM or CEA this year:  we hope to run those next year, with a bunch of interested students!

But we DO have the EDR class and AP CSP classes as separate classes:  last year due to numbers we had to combo-class it:  which meant half the room was in EDR, and the other half was in CSP.  Made lecturing AND building AND groupwork simulateously very interesting.

We have 16 sections of PLTW  - Engineering or Computer Science classes happening this year.