Last Year Recap

Posted by Elizabeth Traub on 8/15/2018


    The first thing that the robotics team did was go to Cal Games in October where we used last year's robot with last years game and all of the California teams competed. This is where all of the rookies and veterans learned to cope with a real competition. Here we had to learn to fix the big robot and deal with the stress of the matches. We all volunteered and learned how long it took for the competition to run. We all know the stress to make sure that the competition was run smoothly. When the robot broke we had to carry it off the field, fix it in the pits, and then bring it back onto the field for another match.

Next we had two competitions of VEX. VEX is a competition where we use smaller robots. This way we learned to work with our hands and learned the hardships of trying to fix the code, dealing with the design issues of making our own robot. Then we learned to fix our own robot and feel proud of what we made.


Then there was build season itself-

This was a six week period, six days a week, where we built a robot for this years game. This is where we took our VEX and Cal Games skills and we built the robot so that we didn’t mess up this robot. We learned to work together and plan everything better.

Then we took this robot and brought it to two different competitions. The first one that we went to was in San Francisco, California. This competition was based on steamworks and we needed to make sure that this is where our drive team needed to know every rule and how the game worked.

Then we took a week and half break where we fixed up how communication and programming for the laptop. Also during this time we packed up and headed for Boise, Idaho.

In Boise we went through tours of a Micron, the Birds of Prey Center, Warhawk Museum, Idaho Military Museum, STEM Discovery Center for a team social, and many more. Then we got prepared and went to the competition. This is where we decided that we were going to be competitive and the pits and the drive try to the best that they can be and we finished at a good spot. To get there we went through meetings that determined the idea of what we would do for the robot, the team, and other teams. One of these meetings consisted of Team 2122, the Tators, offered to help  us with our climbing mechanism by giving us a brand new one. This meeting consisted of a peaceful argument where there was the issue of ethics of incorporating another team’s equipment on our robot. Is it bad to take the mechanism and win or is it bad to not take the mechanism and lose on our own accord. We decided that it was okay to take the climber and then we climbed and got more points than if we didn’t.


Then afterwards we came back and together as a team we decided that we were going to get prepared for next year with things that we couldn’t do earlier like our website, presentations for the elementaries, middle schools and other corporations.  

    This could not have happened without the help of all of our sponsors, volunteers and mentors that came in and decided to help with their knowledge, money, transportation, or time.



                                       Pittsburg High School    Team 5430