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October 28, 2019: Message from Superintendent - Los Medanos Will Be Open on Tuesday

October 28, 2019 at 4:36pm

Message from Superintendent Schulze:

Los Medanos Elementary Community,

We lost power at the school this morning due to a power line that fell down.  It was not part of PG&E’s planned outage. PG&E has not yet communicated the estimated time for the repair. In the meantime, we are prepared to have school open tomorrow, even if the power line is not repaired by PG&E. 

We have small generators that will enable us to have full food service; there is enough natural light for the classrooms; we have some additional lanterns for hallways and restrooms, and we have running water. We have personnel assigned for fire watch tonight and tomorrow. We will have all of the radios and walkie-talkies for the staff members charged and ready for tomorrow. After school program will also run as scheduled. A reminder: this is also conference week, so the same adjusted schedule is in place.

We are not anticipating any changes in air quality, and if so, it will most likely impact the entire district.

We absolutely want your child to attend school tomorrow. We understand that even with these precautions in place, some families may not choose to send their child to school at LME if there is no electricity. If you make that choice for your child, it will not be an unexcused absence.

We are hoping to have the power back on but we are prepared if that is not the case. We will communicate with you tonight or early in the morning to let you know the status of the power.

Thank you to the strong LME staff for all of your leadership with students and thank you to the LME community for your support and understanding.




Janet Schulze, Ed.D
Superintendent, Pittsburg Unified School District
Every Scholar, Every Day.
They deserve nothing less than our best.