Mr. EL



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. EL

I am the Physical Education Teacher at Foothill Elementary.  I have 6 years Medical Education and 5 and a half years of Education for Education with 19 years of experience, 15 years in this district.

You can contact me with any concerns about your student and their special medical needs at 925-473-2450. 

  • Student safety:

    • Students need to wear a tennis/cross trainer type shoe, rubber soled, that allows space for the toes and either velcros or ties covering both the toes and the heel for their protection. 
    • Socks are necessary to help prevent odors and protect the feet from blisters.  During very hot weather an extra pair should be made available to change into about mid day, this will help with odor if this is a problem. 
    • Students are to where approved unrestrictive clothing, uniforms and or t-shirt specific.  An example is the P.E. shirt or school uniform, collared blue and or white.  Pants, shorts, skirts and leggeings and or skorts.

    In sunny to hot weather, students with fairer skin should wear sunblock 30ph or more

    • a water bottle if provided should be washed daily and filled repeatedly.
    • hats, should be front facing and clean of inappropriate content.  Backward facing caps or lids defeat the protection its supposed to provide.

    As the weather cools:

    • gloves, hopefully with fingers.  Its difficult to manipulate equipment without fingers that can grasp and use it properly.
    • lip balm or chapstick. the non flavored kind provides the best protection.  Students constantly licking their lips induces wind burn, causing burning and cracking of the students lips, painful and irritating. 
    • Layering your students clothes help them navigate their temperture better.  Placing them in long sleeves and long pants on a hot day will surely overheat them and cause some serious problems, such as heat stroke or sun stroke.  This occurs when the body is unable to cool itself off by sweating or is not exposed to the air.  

    I layer my own clothing even though I spend the majority of my time outside. Shorts, a tank top, long sleeved shirt, T-shirt and sweatshirt.  A beanie, gloves without fingers and or gloves with fingers.  

  • The "GO WORD":

    Changes every 2 weeks, they are the major muscles in the major muscle groups and or the major bones in the body. (Anatomy and Physiology)

    Stop Word: Iceberg

    • Stop what they are doing and place any equipment they may be using on the ground at their feet.
    • Students are to close their mouth
    • Watch the teacher
    • Place their hands above their heads and form ice caps.

    When their attention is obtained, students are placed in resting position.

    Ready Position: Ready Position: 

    • Students at rest.
    • arms behind their backs
    • eyes facing the teacher
    • mouths still closed
    • waiting for further instruction

    The road to Tournaments, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades only:

    • Good Behavior
    • Completed class and homework turned in in a timely manner
    • Positive Attitudes
    • I have zero tolerance for 'TRASH TALK' students games are forfeit when this occurs, win or lose.  There is enough Negative in the world today.  I don't allow it on my field or in my class.

    Homeroom teachers have final say to the student participating in these events.  Tournaments are a priviledge not a right.

    All lines are:

    • Straight
    • Quiet
    • Facing Forward

    All Team Meetings are:

    • Quiet
    • Facing Forward


    A Students' Job in my classroom is to, Listen, Learn and Do.

    My job. Teach.