• Gizmos Account Set Up


    To complete the required Gizmos coursework you will need to set an account


    How to Create Your Gizmos Account

    Step 1 – Go to www.explorelearning.com

    Step 2 – Click on person icon: Login/Enroll


    Step 2

    Step 3 – Enter the Class Enrollment Code for your class section [Provided by teacher]

    Step 3

    Step 4 – Make sure the Course Name, Section and Teacher are correct

    Step 5 – Create a NEW ExploreLearning account


    Step 5

    Step 6 – Create your account profile and login info and click submit [Suggestion: use a simple password, not your super-secret social media password, because I have access to it. 

    Example Password: BioClass01]


    Step 6

    Step 7 – Clicking submit will take you to your class home screen.  Here is where you will find your assigned Gizmos explorations. 

    Step 8 - Click on the tab Lesson Info under Gizmos activity title to access downloadable Student Exploration Worksheet and Vocabulary Sheet Necessary to complete the assignment


    Step 8

    Step 9 – Download student worksheet.  You can complete the assignment digitally or print and complete a hardcopy and then scan or take a photo of pages and submit it via email


    Step 9

    Step 10 – Once you have a copy of the Student Exploration Worksheet, launch the interactive Gizmos.  Carefully read the activity worksheet, following instructions, to complete assignment.  NOTE: Do NOT complete the Assessment Questions under the launched Gizmos activity until you have finished the assignment.


    Step 10

    Step 11 – Complete the Assessment Questions under the launched Gizmos activity and submit a document file or pictures of your assignment via email.


    Step 11