Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

  • If children came with instructions, life would be a lot easier! But they don’t. Yet we are expected to know how to deal with them during every stage of their development. It's a difficult job.  

    Fortunately there is help available, and much of it is free. At one time or another we’ve all seen it. The desperation on the face of a struggling parent. The sadness in the eyes of an abused or neglected child. We’ve seen it and felt helpless to do anything about it. The truth is, there is something we can do. As concerned neighbors, friends and relatives, there are many things we can do to help prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever occurs. Even little things can make a difference in the life of a child. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.Together we can make a difference...

    What Is Child Abuse?

    PHYSICAL ABUSE – Physical injury inflicted non-accidentally on a child.

    PHYSICAL NEGLECT – Not providing children with enough food, clothing, shelter, medical care, hygiene and supervision.

    SEXUAL ABUSE – Using a child for the sexual needs of adults: exposing, fondling, intercourse, pornography and sexual stimulation.

    EMOTIONAL ABUSE – Attacking a child’s self-esteem: constant criticizing, yelling, belittling, insulting, rejecting and withholding love, support and help.


    The following information is helpful when making a referral:
    Identifying information about the child and the parents or person having custody.

    1. Name and birth date of child
    2. Your relationship to child
    3. Current location of child
    4. Where the incident occurred
    5. Address and telephone number where the child is
    6. Name and address of child’s school or daycare (if applicable)


  • Child Abuse Reporting Hotline (24/7):


    Phone: (877) 881-1116

    Fax: (925) 602-6980


    Pittsburg Police Department:


    (925) 252-4980


    Contra Costa County Sheriff:


    (925) 335-1500