• The Family is one of nature's Masterpieces 


    Dear Hillview Families,


    My name is Fay Massey and I will be working with you as your Family Liaison. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administrations and have been associated with the education field for over 15 years. My range of experience includes working as a volunteer, a class mom, and instructional assistant for Pittsburg and Antioch unified school districts. As a mother of two young men, I understand the challenges you face as a parent. I am confident that with my educational background and involvement with families with diverse backgrounds, I can make a positive impact with your interactions with the faculty, teachers and your students. I believe strongly that parent’s involvement is the number one factor in helping students succeed.



    • Provide families with the necessary skills and tools to ensure their students achieve the greatest potential from school and life



    • Empower the parents with knowledge, skills and resources to support their students learning.
    • Strengthen the relationship between families and staff to help prepare our students excel academically and socially
    • Involve parents in helping students succeed by:
      • Helping in Classrooms
      • Getting involved in Workshops
      • Joining Parent-Teacher clubs
      • Building a strong relationship with teachers
      • Volunteering in and after school activities



    Mrs. Fay Massey

    (925) 473-2380 Ext. 5139

    Fax: (925) 473-4406 

    Office hours: 7:30-4:00pm



Mrs. Fay Massey