• Parental African American Achievement Collaborative Team

2019-2020 PAAACT Meeting Dates

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What PAAACT is

  • PAAACT is an organization formed to advocate for parents and families of African American students in all grades and in every school of the district. All persons willing to promote the positive social, emotional, and academic development of African American students are welcomed to participate. PAAACT meets once monthly at different school site locations.

What PAAACT does

  • PAAACT serves five primary functions:

    1. Maintains a formal network of African American students’ families and acts as a centralized source for educational information and opportunities.
    2. Represents and protects the interests of African American students’ families with regard to equitable access to information, resources, and opportunities.
    3. Provides ongoing parent workshops that teach student support strategies and how to navigate the paths from school to career.
    4. Monitors, analyzes, interprets, and responds to trends and data regarding African American student progress.
    5. Advises the school site and district administration on matters pertinent to the positive social, emotional, and academic development of African American students and their families.

Why PAAACT Needs You

  • The African American population makes up 17.7% of the City of Pittsburg (2010 Census), 19.9% students in Pittsburg Unified School District, yet only 10.5% of PUSD certificated staff (CDE DataQuest, 2014).

    Since 2010, roughly 60% of African American incoming high school freshmen graduate from PUSD within four years (AERIES, 2014).

    Only 1 in 20 African American students at PHS enroll in Advanced Placement and Honors classes and are accepted into 4-year colleges and universities.

    African American students continue to receive among the highest rates of disciplinary referrals, suspensions, and expulsions.

    Strengthened faculty/parent partnerships can help mitigate these concerns. PAAACT needs you to ensure that the expectations for African American students are aligned with their potential.

PAAACT Contact Us

Make a "PAAACT" for Family

  • Pact: A formal agreement between two or more parties; a covenant (dictionary.com, 2014)

    As African American families grasp for prosperity in the 21st century it becomes increasingly important for us to support one another. PAAACT is a pact indeed, intended to put into action the basic tenets of unity and carry the momentum gained by our ancestors far into the future. We truly are family!


What you can do

    • Ask the Parent Liaison at your child’s school about becoming a PAAACT parent.
    • Attend the monthly PAAACT meetings
    • Maintain a working email address and cell phone number.