• Safe Schools Overview

    The district uses AB1113, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Tobacco Use and Prevention Education and general funding to support safe and peaceful school campuses. Staff members work collaboratively with the Pittsburg Police Department, Contra Costa probation department, and other organizations to ensure that our students are safe.


    The Pittsburg Police Department & Probation cooperates with the district in placing a full time officer at Pittsburg High School, Black Diamond High School, Marina Vista Elementary School, and a full time officer who splits his/her time between Hillview and Rancho Medanos. The police officer/probation officer assists in maintaining a safe school campus, intervening in dangerous situations as necessary, working with school groups, School Attendance Review Board, Parent-Teacher-Student Associations and others. The officers supervises some after school activities, and serves as a strong presence to ensure the safety of students and staff at school.


    The Contra Costa County Probation Department has placed probation officers on high school campuses throughout the county. There is a full-time probation officer at Pittsburg HS. The function of these probation officers is support adjudicated students, follow up on behavior and attendance issues for students referred to them, and to assist in maintaining safe school campuses in the district.


    The district employs classified staff whose function is to supervise middle and high school campuses to ensure student and staff safety. The campus resource assistants work directly with students on attendance, encouraging them to succeed in school, and generally supporting their academic and social development. CRAs are often the first people to know what is happening with students, and the first to intervene in potentially volatile or disruptive situations.

    Pittsburg Senior High School - Chives Saxon, Rich Gonzales, Magie Gonzales, Alice Paulo, Mo Paulo , Jason Johnson, Lu-Magia Hearns

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