• To graduate you must earn 220 credits and complete 35 hours of community service hours.

    Units                  Required Classes
    40                       English: 4 years
                               Students must pass 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade level
    30                       Social Studies: 3 years
                               a.  One year of World History (10th)
                               b. One year of U.S. History  (11th)
                               c.  One semester of American Government (12th)
                               d. One semester of Economics (12th)
    20                       Mathematics: 2 years
                               Students must pass 2 years of math (1 year must be Algebra) 
    20                       Physical Education: 2 years
                               9th grade PE, Team Sports and/or weight training (10th-12th)
    10                       Physical Science: 1 year
                              1 years of Physical (Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Physics, AP Physics)
    10                      Life Science: 1 year
                              1 year of Life Science (Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Environemental Science AP)
    10                       Foreign Language/ Fine Arts: 1 year
                               (For Fine Arts a student can take two semesters of any course from the
                                following areas)
                               Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Drama, Art, Photo, TV Video Production,
                               The Art of Video Production, Computer Graphics, Architectural Design 
    80                       Electives
    220                    Total number of units required for graduation 
    35 hours of community service must be completed in the duration of four years and completed by April of their senior year.