Drive Thru Library Book Pick-up

  • drive thru bk pickup by Ms. Marianne



    With the new challenge of Distance Learning, regular library checkouts have been severely interrupted.  Well, Hillview Warriors, I'm so excited to finally be able to offer Drive Thru Library Book Pick-up and Returns! 


    The process is simple: 

    • Students with overdues or lost items will have to return items to be eligible to check out new library books
    • Students browse our library catalog by logging into Destiny Discover with their Google login credentials (student email & password)
    • Place a maximum of two books on hold
    • Ms. Marianne will send a confirmation email that your order is ready to pick-up
    • Pick-up book(s) on Wednesdays at 1pm in the back parking lot, room 307 (where registration was held)  
    • Students still have two weeks to read the books and can renew by bringing the books on Wednesdays
    • Returns are also on Wednesdays at 1pm (books will then be quarantined 96 hours before recirculation)  


    Start here in Destiny Discover.  Log in using your student email & password.  

    Destiny Discover (Hillview's Library Catalog)


    We have lots of books to choose from: graphic novels, great fiction, popular series, biographies and more!  


    Still have questions?  Feel free to email Ms. Marianne!  Hope to see you soon on Wednesdays! 


Hillview Library Code of Conduct

    1. Enter the library quietly
    2. Work quietly (whisper voices)
    3. Use a red shelf marker when looking for books
      • If you do not know where a book belongs, return it to the circulation counter by the main library doors
    5. NO backpacks in the stacks
    6. NO gum, food or drinks
    7. NO running, yelling or playing (unless instructed to do so)
    8. Tuck in your chair – every day, all day, and every time
    9. Clean up after yourself
    10. Use your manners – patiently wait your turn, say “excuse me”, “please”, and “thank you”.

Textbook & Library Book Checkout Info

  • In order to receive workbooks and check out textbooks or library books, a SIGNED Text & Library Book Permission Slip must be on file for the student. Please click on the link above to download a copy of the form. Printed copies are also available at the Circulation Desk in the Library.

    • Replacement Math workbooks are $15 each
    • Replacement History workbooks are $15 each
    • Replacement StudySync workbooks are $14 each




    8TH GRADERS: May 17th - May 21st
    7TH GRADERS: May 24th - May 28th
    6TH GRADERS: May 24th - May 28th


    8th graders must have their library accounts cleared before participating in end of year activities (8th grade dance, 8th grade trip, Olympics, 8th grade Promotion)

    6th & 7th graders will be excluded from End of Year Activities (Olympics, Swim Days or Movies) if their Library Account is not cleared by May 31st.

  • Ms. Marianne the Librarian  
    Ms. Marianne
    Library Technician
    (925) 473-2380 x5140
    Library Hours
    Mondays / Tuesdays / Thursdays:
    8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.*
    8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.*
    8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.*
    Library is open before school and at lunch
    *Unless otherwise posted