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Dr. Janet Schulze



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Dr. Janet Schulze

June 6, 2018

The Power of Student Voice
Four years ago I started a SuperSAC (Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council). SuperSAC students meet with me about once a month and give feedback and insight into the work that we are doing.

Throughout the four years the SuperSAC students, along with the leadership classes at PHS and Black Diamond, have given input that has influenced decisions related to the following: the design of the additional building at PHS; the addition of more Advanced Placement courses; the addition of classes for advancement (along with the credit recovery) during summer school; the expansion of concurrent enrollment classes at LMC at both PHS and Black Diamond; the addition of field trips for all 7th graders to see a UC college campus; the creation of lessons for 8th graders to help prepare them for high school; SAT and ACT prep classes; the addition of another college and career tech for next year; new books for social studies for next year; more mental health resources, and, of course, input into the type of food we serve for breakfast and lunch. These are just some of the examples of the topics they have discussed and they speak to the power of student voice.

This year, some of the SuperSAC students from four years ago are graduating from or moving on to their next year of college and the following SuperSAC seniors are graduating from PHS this Saturday: Zarai Boults, A’Jae Boyd, Kelsey Elam, Marian Gutierrez, Stephen Kumar, Isabelle Leber, Chris Nelson, and Zorreia Rudolph. Congratulations to all of our graduates and their families!

Thank you to Connie Spinnato, Stephanie Perez, and Maggie Gonzales for all of your support starting and sustaining our SuperSAC! Thank you to Courtney Warren, Paul LaCasse, and Anna Green for your support each year with the input from your leadership classes! #studentvoicematters



Janet Schulze, Ed.D
Superintendent, Pittsburg Unified School District
Every Student, Every Day.
They Deserve Nothing Less Than Our Best.