About Ms. Blackburn

  • I have a long standing relationship with the Pittsburg Unified School District and the community it serves. I began teaching in Pittsburg at Foothill Elementary in 1998, where I continued as a 4thand 5thgrade teacher for nine years until transitioning into the role of Literacy Coach. During this time I not only worked to uphold the state and district standards; I successfully worked with teacher groups to build on the skills necessary to positively affect the outcome of all of our students. Over the past two years, I have been Vice Principal at Highlands, and Co-Principal at Stoneman. At both sites, working with teachers, students, and parents, we were able to see growth in the areas of English Language Arts and Math.

    It is my belief that one of the most crucial components to excellence is to have procedures in place that motivate students to their highest levels of success. In order to do this I will be working thoughtfully with the site Leadership team, the English Language Advisory Committee, School Site Council, and hosting a monthly Principal Coffee to share our successes, and gain feedback to make our school one that is safe, nurturing, and academically competitive.

    I look forward to learning more about all of you. With a strong staff, a wonderful student and parent community, and my passion for education and the Pittsburg community, I am sure we will have a fantastic year. Should you have any concerns, or just want to meet in person, please contact me.


    Julie Blackburn

    Principal, Highlands Elementary