Bell Schedules

  • Distance Learning Schedule for all grades:
    All grades: 7:30-12:15, Live instruction
    1:05-1:50 Cohort Specific Support
    Regular Schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday): 
    1-3 Grade: 7:30- 1:50
    4-5 Grade: 7:30-2:00
    Wednesday Schedule:
    1-3 grade: 7:30-12:45
    4-5 grade: 7:30-12:55

    Minimum Day:

     Minimum days are the days after Back to School Night, Open House and the last day of school. 

    All kindergarten students attend the AM session from 7:30am – 11:00am.

    Grades 1-3 are dismissed at 11:10am.

    Grades 4 & 5 are dismissed at 11:20am.


    Día Mínimo:

    Días Mínimos son después de Back to School Night, Open House y el último día de clases. 

    Todos los estudiantes de kindergarten se presenta al horario matutino (AM) de 7:30am – 11:00am.

    Grados 1-3 salen a las 11:10am.

    Grados 4 & 5 salen a las 11:20am.