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    What is California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI)?



    CCGI Stakeholders


    CCGI is a web-based program that provides a one-stop shop for stakeholders to facilitate students’ post-secondary planning.


    This platform provides a clear systematic plan to track their achievements and progress towards graduation and beyond.

    Starting in 2021, students will have access to CCGI as early as 6th grade, allowing them to do career exploration and preparation.



    Why CCGI?


    Because our students deserve our best efforts to support their future plans and goals.


    To strengthen the culture in PHS, PUSD, and the Pittsburg community as a whole, with an emphasis on planning for the future.


    To provide planning continuity for all students grades 6th-12th. 


    Allow for consistent self-reflection and exploration.


    Foster deeper and clearer understanding of their future goals (trade school, apprenticeship, military, straight to the workforce, college, or university).


    Because this platform can be accessed by the students, parents, and educators, students will have a multitude of experienced adults to help guide them in their future choices.




    Who gets to have a role with CCGI?


    Everyone!  Each of us has students with whom we connect.  Utilizing CCGI will help us all foster discussions about our student’s future plans.



    CCGI Duties

    All PHS Staff  

    Encourage students to utilize their CCGI accounts and help them see its value.


    Facilitate the activities that students will be working on and access CCGI data.


    Provide support for teachers within the CCGI system, review data, host student workshops


    Support Counselors and Teachers, and review CCGI data

    College and Career

    Provide support for the Counselors & Admin, conduct all back-end administration.


    Support their student’s post-secondary exploration, will have access to account