Staff "Shout Outs"

We are very grateful for our talented and dedicated staff at Highlands! Please read our staff "Shout Outs" below in recognition of their hard work, collaboration and team effort!

  • Shout out to: 


    * Ms. Blackburn because she always helps and supports the TK and Kinder team! Thank you :) 


    * Deb & Nikki because you multi-task all day long long, and continue to be efficient and maintain a positive attitude! Thank you! - Staci 


    * Abraham and Luz because check-in/check-out (CICO) has become an integral support for our learners. 


    * Noon Duty because we could not support the students during lunch without you! 


    * Girls on the Run because you pushed to complete your 5K run. You inspired each other and are a great team! 


    * Ms. Guardado for helping me with my class! Thank you! - Mrs. Jones 


    * Mrs. Winters for being our 5th Grade Buddy classroom. My students look forward to Friday's with your class! Thank you. - Mrs. Jones 


    * Ms. Duggans because you have been thinking of really nice ideas to build our students and school community.


    * Mrs. Ryan because of her hard work and dedication that benefits our Highlands family! - Laurel 


    * Second Grade because they work as a team to get it done!!


    * Wendy Pena for helping Mrs. Ryan and the students in the Holiday Parade. 


    * Rachel Foster for supporting the Spirit Squad in the parade.


    * Highlands Staff because you all continue to support me by filling in the gaps as we keep searching for a VP. You are APPRECIATED!!! 


    * Ms. Blackburn because she leads teachers and students with kindness and patience.