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    Our SMI team is dedicated to the success of our scholars. We are centered on developing a mindset in each child that says “I can” instead of “I can’t”. We have the challenge of helping our scholars master the California Common Core Standards, as well as helping them fill in any gaps in their knowledge of the math curriculum. 


    We will review math standards in the following domains:

    • number system
    • expressions and equations
    • functions
    • geometry
    • statistics


    No Homework:

    All class work will be completed during the Summer Math Institute session each day, between the hours of 8:00am - 1:00pm.


    SMI Goals:

    • Further prepare scholars to be college and career ready through math curriculum.
    • Create a virtual classroom environment that allows scholars to own their education.
    • Build self-confidence in scholars through achievement.
    • Provide additional support for scholars each day through teacher lead zoom sessions and set office hours.


    We will use a number of links to supporting portals in our work with your scholars. Each of the links below is set to our program's defaults. Please click on these to gain access:

    • clever has a specialized set of links for PUSD to hold our google classrooms and iReady accounts for all the scholars.
    • will be used to provide textbook, practice, and quizzes. Scholars will find the work embedded on the google classroom inside the district clever platform.
    • kahoot! will be used for recap and formative assessments as part of recap and perhaps a pre-quiz assignment. 
    • ZOOM will be used as the teaching platform. Please expect that our staff will be doing direct teaching often using the "I Do, We Do, You Do" format.
    • remind will be used to update scholars and parents on progress and events.


    Thank you. We hope to make this Summer Math Institute Session a True Success for Your Children.

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  • Phil Lucido, PUSD Administrator, SMI


    Geoff Borroughs, Lead Teacher, SMI