• Operated by the Contra Costa County Office of Education, ROP has been the primary source of career training for high school students in our county for the past 33 years. State certified teachers, high tech equipment and a commitment to students ensure a positive learning experience. Located on high school campuses, ROP courses are taken as part of a student’s regular high school schedule. Students advance through 90-540 hours of sequenced curriculum and earn high school graduation credits and/or college units. Students can earn Certificates of Proficiency upon successful completion of the class.

    Advantages of ROP

    Students can use ROP courses to gain employment skills, explore a career field, get a head start on their college major, or “try out’ a career choice through internships available in many classes. Many students use their newly acquired skills to work part-time after graduation to help pay college expenses.

    To enroll in a ROP Class

    Indicate the course on your schedule for next year.