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    How to Join a Google Classroom

    1. Login to classroom.google.com
    2. At the top, click +Join class
    3. Enter your specific Class Code


    Please Note:

    • You must use your @pittsburgusd.net accounts
    • Use your actual name when registering



    Track A  Google Class Code


    Class  Google Code

    A1   gti5dwd

    A2   5454tlr

    A3   6sjdqqy

    A4   gzoxf6s

    A6    txlihc3


    Track B Google Class Code 


    Class  Google Code

    B1    d5ppwqv

    B2    7oypgu3

     B3   dm6rsa3

    B4    i3veljv

    B6    i7b4d75





    Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom