Ms. Thompson

  • Hello! My name is Emma Thompson and this is my second year teaching at Pittsburg High School. After growing up in Sacramento, I moved down to San Luis Obispo to attend California Polytechnic State University, where I earned both my BS in Pyschology and my Social Science Teaching Credential. 

    I am currently teaching World History here at Pittsburg High School. I am also one of the Class Advisors for the Class of 2023.

    Below you will find the class codes for both Remind and Google Classroom. Please make sure you join the correct period in BOTH platforms. Make sure you are checking Google Classroom daily for new assignments and materials.

    If you have any issues accessing Remind or Google Classroom, or have any questions on how to use both platforms, please contact me over Remind or email me at  

    Remind Codes

    Cohort A (all periods): @whpitt1

    Cohort B (all periods): @whpitt2

    Google Classroom Codes

    *You will need to join Google Classroom using your email account!!!*

    Period 1 Cohort A: lenkgot

    Period 1 Cohort B: j6rur3j

    Period 2 Cohort A: daum5d4

    Period 2 Cohort B: padfh7j

    Period 4 Cohort A: rglc4gx

    Period 4 Cohort B: utvrmtq

    Period 5 Cohort A: 35nzzuw

    Period 5 Cohort B: 6xuceto

    Period 6 Cohort A: lcai2q6

    Period 6 Cohort B: 2ab6pwb