• Welcome PHS students and Families
    Covid ready

         Welcome, my wonderful students! First; I hope you are healthy, I hope your family is healthy, I hope you’ve caught up on your sleep, binge watching, and I hope you're ready for school.   You can see some of my 10 of my 21 grandkids, yes, 21 grandkids. I have a large family.


    Please know PHS is doing everything to support you and your family needs as they relate to education.   


    Some of the Grandkids

    Parents, thank you so much for being a part of this educational scenario. For everyone this is an unexpected and unique situation.   What we can do to make this the best fall semester for you child? build a rountines, provide emotional support, talk to you teacher, stay in involved.  I need you......

    Use the Google classroom codes below to access your google classroom from PHS clever site. Google classrooms where you will find your classwork, grades, and methods to communicate with me, and your fellow students.  


    Here's a quick video link on how to use google classroom, Using google classroom. Please watch this video parents and students. If you still have questions, please send a remind.  I think most students have used remind in the past. 


    Google class codes and remind codes   

    Period 1=5awosb5, Remind code is @ekeg4b

    Period 2=q57rw5r, Remind code is @73g9429

    Period 3=zmxyk72, Remind code is @prizzn


    Period 5= to follow Q2

    Period 6= to follow Q2