• Welcome PHS students and Families- Let's get started "K"

    Some of the Grandkids Let get started "K"

         Welcome, my wonderful students, firstly, I hope you are healthy, your family is healthy, and you’ve caught up on your sleep.  From the posts' on our google classroom site, I know many of you are bingeing videos, and sleeping.  PHS is doing everything to support you and your family needs as they relate to education.

         Parents, we are trying to deliver materials, and education to your children.  I know with the California order, to stay in place at our homes has added concerns, and put additional pressures on parents and children.  What we can do is; one, keep a daily schedule, two, make sure your children can stay inside, and be safe.

    With my personal website on PHS, students can find quick links (on helpful resources page) to our google classrooms; assignments, and our welcome page. Google classrooms are another way I can maintain group chats, help with homework, assign videos, and help you students review, and strengthen their chemistry education.  The helpful links pages also has the below information.  Here's a quick video link on how to use google classroom, Using google classroom

    Remind code= @rpriz to get you started, Google classroom codes are below.  Step 1- goto classroom.google.com, step 2 - then press join class, step -3- enter the code below for your class. Please note You have assignments posted


    Period 1=zeuvkbs

    Period 3=k6lstem

    Period 4=pej2yu4

    Period 5=utkfxhw

    Period 6=k7j6pd5