• Hi Students,

    Due to the recent school closure we will continue to maintain our classes online. I will be posting your assignments on Google Classroom every Monday, and they will be due at the end of the week on Friday. Please be sure that you and your parents check in regularly so that you can complete your work on time and receive credit for your assignments. I will also use Remind for announcements and as a way for you and your parents to communicate with me with any questions you may have.

                        Remind Code                  Google Classroom Code


    Period 1      @62ah8k                           qkob4fz

    Period 2      @hdfkcf                             4x6lakp

    Period 3      @h7ea2kf                          ay6m44a

    Period 5      @k3dd6f                            2d47wyy

    Period 6      @f463a6                            2z7h5tu


    To subscribe to Remind notifications, text your specific class code to 81010. To enroll in Google Classroom, use your Gmail to go to Google Classroom and select Join Class. Enter in the appropriate code and you will be able to retrieve and turn in your assignments.

    Stay safe and healthy,