• Welcome to Dance with Ms. Idul for the 2020-2021 School Year!

    Hello dance students (and their parents!) This webpage will be your resource for all things related to our Dance classes.  This is new territory for everyone and information is constantly changing.  I know this will be a challenge to some degree for all of us.  Keep communicating with me with any challenges you face. My goal is to keep us connected and keep us moving at home. I will be updating this page as information becomes available.

    Take care,

    Ms. Sharon Idul 


    TO DO:


    1) Sign- up for Remind via your Cohort/Track 

    TEXT 81010 and the code below

    3rd Period

    Cohort A: @idul3a

    Cohort B: @idul3b

    4th Period

    Cohort A: @idul4a

    Cohort B: @idul4b

    5th Period

    Cohort A: @idul5a

    Cohort B: @idul5b


    2) Sign -up for Zoom 

    We will do daily learning via Zoom.  Download the app Zoom Cloud Meetings on your device or set up an account www.zoom.us

    You will access the links via Clever/Google Classroom


    3) Sign up for Google Classroom:

    3rd Period

    Cohort A: ar5hjo2  

    Cohort B: zzmnefy

    4th Period: 

    Cohort A:  bj4p3zy

    Cohort B: fgwgoy4

    5th Period: 

    Cohort A: dqdjtvg

    Cohort B: wo4xggj


    4)Stay home

    -video chat with your friends and family from afar.  


    5) Take deep breaths, stay hydrated, and keep it moving.  :)


    Sharon Idul headshot

    Sharon (Sobel) Idul

    Pittsburg High School

    Dance - VAPA

    Pitt Unify Advisor @Pitt Unify

    Pitt Unified Coach