• To the Pittsburg High School community;

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back!  The 2021-22 school year is going to be a great year!   We are returning to in person learning and will be on campus every day.  Our daily bell schedule will continue to have a start time of 8:00 am (first period) and the school day will end at 3:04 pm.  We are committed to ensuring our students have a memorable year in light of the challenges they have faced during the past year and a half.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school which is Wednesday, August 11th!  In this welcome back letter we have included information regarding registration and various other items you may have questions about! 

    This year registration will occur during the week of August 2nd through August 6th (Monday through Friday).  Registration will begin at 8:00 am each day and end at 3:30 pm.  Students and parents may register any day during registration week.  Unlike previous years you are not limited to a particular day.  Registration is streamlined this year and you should have received a welcome back letter from the Pittsburg Unified School District with information regarding how to initially register online (this allows you to update your contact information including your address, email, phone numbers and emergency contact information).  Once you have completed this part of the registration process we would like you and/or your student to come to campus the week of August 2nd through the 6th to have their student ID picture taken, pick up their class schedule and check out their textbooks and a chromebook (providing your child did not check out a chromebook last year).  Items such as a yearbook, the physical education uniform, ASB activity card and spirit wear may be purchased through our online student store (the website is; https://pittstoponlinestore.myschoolcentral.com/).  Our goal is to have you spend 30 minutes or less completing the in person registration!  Our 9th grade orientation will occur on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, August 4th and 5th.  Additional information will be sent out in the next few days!  

    Student and staff safety is a major priority this year as we return to campus.  We are implementing a number of COVID safety protocols in an effort to minimize any disruption to the school day.  All students and staff members are required to wear a face mask while on school grounds.  We have hand sanitizers in every classroom and restroom.  We have upgraded our HVAC systems to include medical grade filters in every classroom as well.  In addition, we are encouraging all students and staff to get vaccinated.  We are planning another vaccine clinic in the next few weeks and will inform you when this is confirmed!  We know it is challenging to wear a face mask during the school day, but this is part of our safety protocol to help keep your child safe while at school.  We will have masks on hand for those students who forget to bring one. 

    We are thrilled to announce we have purchased a chromebook for every student.  The expectation is every student will bring their chromebook, and charger, to school each day.  Many of our teachers have integrated technology into their daily lessons and students, for example, will be able to access assignments, notes and resources in their teachers google classrooms during the daily instruction.  Students will be expected to upload their homework and class work assignments to google classroom and teachers are expected to post their lessons, assignments and any other information in their google classrooms as well.  Our use of technology has increased tenfold since the beginning of the pandemic and we are fortunate our school district has purchased a chromebook for every student!  We believe technology has the potential to improve student learning and outcomes! 

    We are looking forward to hosting a variety of events this year including Friday Night Football, Clubs Carnival and our Homecoming dance to name a few!  Fall sports are beginning and many of our teams have been holding summer workouts.  We are encouraging all of our students to get involved this year by participating in a club, sport or program!  In addition, we are expanding our social emotional support services on campus as we believe a number of students will need additional support when we return.  We will have a range of services available ranging from mentoring to therapeutic counseling available.  Our school counseling team is busy reviewing student class schedules and reaching out to the students on their caseloads to welcome them back. 

    In closing we are excited to welcome our families and students back to the Pittsburg High School campus!  We know the past year and a half has been a challenging one and it is our mission and goal to ensure every student who walks onto our campus feels welcome and at ease.  We look forward to having you on campus next week during registration and the following week for the first day of the 2021-22 school year.  Thank you!



    Todd Whitmire