• All Class Contents can be accessed through Clever


    For Clever, all students log in with their Perm ID:

    Username: PermID

    Password: “pusd”PermID (no quotes)


    Username: 12345

    Password: pusd12345



     Google Classroom Codes

    1st Period

    Cohort A: qc7m56v

    Cohort B: mtt37in

    2nd Period

    Cohort A:eoczpor

    Cohort B:e6pcivz

    3rd Period

    Cohort A:i6eyoio

    Cohort B:o5ck3kg

    5th Period

    Cohort A: hrga46r

    Cohort B: efytmak

    6th Period

    Cohort A: mgxbfqp

    Cohort B: uowj6w5


    Remind Codes:

    Students: @echostdnts 

    Parents: @echopare