Mr. Khanh Pham

Phone: Ext. 3350


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts from University of California, Irvine Teaching Credential from California State University of Long Beach Masters of Teaching Leadership from St. Mary's of California

Mr. Khanh Pham

I will be spending a lot of time with your child in his/her 6th grade math teacher this year.  I am entering my 11th year as an educator and absolutely love what I do!  I have exclusively taught Math in the Bay Area for the past 10 years and want to teach my scholars math as early as possible so that I can build a postive foundation for them to become life long learners.  I have a Master's in Teaching Leadership from St. Mary's of California and a Bachleor's from the University of California, Irvine.  My teaching philosphy is that it is my responsibility to make sure all my students are learning.  Therefor I work very hard to create a positive classroom culture and enviornment where students feel comfortable taking risks, make mistakes, but learn from them as well, and asking for help and that all students get what they need as individuals in order to be successful.  Learning math in my classroom is a social experience - that means I expect students to talk to each other in partners and groups and always be engages and participate in the learning.  There is expansive research that demonstrates that children learn best when they get to discuss, argue, hear and see peers' thinking, and working collaboratively to learn new material.  To achieve a place where all students learn, I am constantly checking for student support and help them unpack the challenging math curriculum.  It is imperative that all students meet the independent, partnership and group work expectations in my classroom so that all students may learn.


Please feel free to email me at or call me at ext. 3350