• Your child can access most sites with their permanente ID #, their lunch number. 

    If you need this number, the office or teacher can get it for you.




    clever icon Clever 

    PUSD will be using Clever as a single log in for a number or programs.

    Students will login to Clever using this website:  https://clever.com/in/pittsburgusd 

    Students with use their Perm ID number as the user name and pusdpermid (pusd12345) as the password or may get a Clever Badge from their teacher to log in.


    Clever will be used to log in to:

    iReady– K-8 Diagnostic Assessment

    connect ED icon Reading Curriculum Mc Graw Hill "Wonders"

    Image result for imagine learning iconImagine Learning 

    Imagine Learning is a tool for learning how to read and increase comprehension. In this program your child will have a variety of options, from learning to identify the ABC's, phonics , and comprehension lessons, please take the time to explore. 

    Image result for imagine learning math iconImagine Math Facts AKA Big Brainz

    This is an engaging game base program that assesses and teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts


    At home students can use Clever to log in or you can download the Imagine Language & Literacy app for iOS or Android or Kindle and the Imagine Math Facts app for iOS or Android or Kindle

    Stoneman's school code is 630600





    Image result for go math iconGo Math website

    Go Math is your child's math curriculum. From this website you will find assignments for your child and access activities your child can do to practice their math skills 

    To Log on you need to enter your child's I.D# (lunch number) 

    And the password given to you or the password you created from the temporary password that was sent home